A registry of custom 'dave moulton' bicycle frames built in the USA
Frame # Size Model Owner City, State Owner since Org.Paint/RP
1819 60 Road Hank Barnette Greenville, SC 2018 Org. Paint
8814 56 Tour Stephen J. Witt-Thompson (3) Bennett. CO 1981 Org.Own Org Paint
9811 56 Road Alex Joslin So Cal   Org. Paint
9812 57 Road Thomas L. Martin Pitsfield, MA 1981 Org. Own Org. Paint
10811* 54 Road Jordan Keough Coeur d'Alene, ID 1981 Org.Own Org. Paint
N814 57 Crit Paul Pope (2.) Minneapolis, MN 2014 Org. Paint
D813 48 Lady Albert Sison (6) Beaumont, CA 2014 RP
D814 58 Road Hal Faulkner Sacramento, CA 1986 Org.Own D.Moulton RP
2821 58 Road Lorin Youde Carlsbad, CA 1982 Org.Own Org. Paint
4823 55 Tour Michael P. Wong (2) San Fancisco, CA 2010 Org. Paint
5822 52 Road Mike Werner (3) San Diego, CA 2003 Org. Paint
5825 57 Road Michael Maher (2) Charleston, SC 2010 Org. Paint
6822 58 Tour Mary Lou Mitchell San Diego, CA 1982 Org.Own Org. Paint
8821 60 Crit Dale Phelps Montagna Iunga, CO 2007 Org. Paint
8824 53 Road Martin Worsdall (3.) Benicia, CA 2014 Org. Paint
9822 57.5 Road Mike French   1982 Org. Own Org. Paint
9823 56 Road Tyler Mount Upland, CA 1982 Org. Own Org. Paint
O823 56 Road Adam Kegley (3) Lexington, KY 2009 Org. Paint
D822 58 Crit Manuel Estevez Jr. (2) Downey, CA 2014 Org. Paint
D824 60.5 Road Kean Boyer (2) Bartow, FL 1982 Org.Own Org. Paint
D827 59 Tour David R. Ball (4) San Luis Obospo, CA 1982 Org.Own Org. Paint
1834 60 Road Mike Carney Eugene, OR 1983 Org.Own Org. Paint
1839 56.5 531 rd. Mitch Pullen Fort Worth, TX 2014 Org. Paint
2831 57 Road A. Clendening (5) New York, NY 2011 Org. Paint
2832 57 Road Chuck Schmidt Pasadena, CA 1983 Org.Own Org. Paint
2833 61 Track "Fast Eddie" Williams Brooklyn, NY 1998 Org. Paint
2834 54 Road John Turner Nevada City, CA 1983 Org.Own RP 1989
2836 53 Road Dave Moulton (2) Charleston, SC 2009 Org. Paint
2839 56 Crit Allen Brock (3) Glendale, CA 1983 Org.Own D.Moulton RP
5833 61 Road Rick Blakemore Carlesbad, CA 1983 Org.Own Org. Paint
7837 60 531 Rd Matthew Schaefer Glen Allen, VA 1983 Org.Own. RP
8838 58 Crit Ben Lopez Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2014 Org. Paint
9831 58 753 Rd Terry Brennen Los Angeles, CA 1987 Org. Paint
9832 57 Crit John Ames Silver Springs, MD 2015 Org. Paint
9837 63 Crit Brian H. Sinclair Hughson, CA 2014 Org. Paint
O834 55 Road Stephen J. Witt-Thompson (3) Bennett, CO 1983 Org.Own Org. Paint
O836 58c Crit John Katsaras (3) Deep River, ON Can.   RP
N837 56 Road Allen Brock (3) Glendale, CA 1983 Org.Own D.Moulton RP
1842 60 Road Mike S. Moore Escondido, CA 1984 Org.Own DM.RP 1990
1843 60 Road Paul Jamison Nevis, MN 1984 Org. Own Org. Paint
1844 60.5 Road Greg Smith San Diego, CA 2017 Org. Paint
2841 47 Lady Ron Lau (3) San Francisco, CA 2009 Org. Paint
3841 62 Road Bill Kloos (2) Eugene, OR 2011 Org. Paint
4842 57 Crit Chip Ducket High Point, NC 2013 Org. Paint
5842 60 Road Matthew Brown Newnan, GA 2014 S.Bilenki RP
6843 56 Road Rodney Handsfield Wichita, KS 2004 Org. Paint
6844 56 Road Harold Wheat Ontario, CA 1984 Org.Own Org. Paint
7841 60 Road Terry Shaw (4) San Jose, CA 1984 Org.Own Org. Paint
N842 61 Road Mark 'Guido' Destry Pine Valley, CA 1991 Org. Paint
6851 60 Crit Russell Rollins Houston, TX 1993 Org. Paint
6852 59 Road Rod Dixon Sequim, WA 2014 Org. Paint
N851 55 753 rd Jack Gabus (2) Laguna Beach, CA 2007 Org. Paint
6861 53 Road G.A. Los Angeles, CA 1995 Org. Paint
9901 56 Road Enrique Asturias (6) Centro Historico, Guatemala 2018 Org. Paint
8911 56 753 rd Howard Weisenthal CA 1991 Org.Own Org. Paint
N911 51.5 Track Albert Sison (6) Beaumont, CA        2011 Org. Paint
            Updated 08/18/18

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I resumed building custom frames under my own name in 1981 while working for Masi. In 1982 I went full time building my own frames, renting space in the Masi shop.

In 1983 I opened my own frameshop in San Marcos, which is in San Diego County, California. In 1986 I moved the business 60 miles north to Temecula, in Riverside County, California.

The frames still said Worcester, England under my headtube logo, in much the same way that the Masi frames said "Masi, Milano" even though they were built in California. However, the frames did have another decal (Above.) that stated that the frames were built in California.

From 1982 onwards the frames had my name engraved on the top left side of the bottom bracket shell, and my four "Ms" logo was engraved in the fork crown.

The frame numbers of US built frames reflected the date it was built. The first digit was the month, 1 though 9 for January through September; then a letter “O” for October, “N” for November, and “D” for December. (*There was a frame built in Oct 1981 was stamped 10811.)

The next two digits was the year, and the last digit was the number frame built that month. For Example 7843 would be July 1984 and the 3rd frame built that month.

I still have my frame number record book for American built frames, and all frames can be authenticated like the UK built frames by matching what is written in my book. For example the number I just gave above does not exist, there was no such number frame built.

Dave Moulton

Below: The number after a name indicates more than one Dave Moulton built frame in the owner's colection.

Numbers in Blue are linked to pictures on an offsite webpage.

A registry of custom bicycle frames built by Dave Moulton in San Marcos and Temecula, CA between 1981 and 1993